Impressions of Nature

fb - VICKIE LEGERE - Leaves Reflected - APAC

fb - crocus 1

fb - spice bush vibernum fb - pink dawn vibernum

Nature photography is more than just record shots of animals and landscape vistas.

These days I am drawn to expressing the impression of the mood my spirit experienced while my eyes were drinking in the vision!

fb - first fall sunset fb - first sunset fireball

These two sunset images were taken on the first day of fall in September 2014.

fb - Submerged Leaves  APAC  Vickie Legere 1

fb - leaf #1 detailed

 fb - leaf #3 detailed fb - leaf #4 detailed fb - leaf #5 detailed fb - Leaf #6 detailed

These delightful images of submerged leaves were the result of a careful walk through Hunter Creek in September 2014.  Sunlight ripples were reflected everywhere as the water danced it’s way toward the Fraser River.

And no collection would be complete without a few images from Minter Gardens (closed October 2013)

fb - Minter falls

fb - fantasy pond

The Waterwheel, Minter Country Gardens...

Wet & White

fb - White Dahlia, Vickie Legere for the Reach

Dreamy Begonia

fb - anemone

Below follows impressions of nature found just minutes from my home:

Bridal Falls, Cheam Wetlands, Harrison Hot Springs and Alexandra Bridge.

w -   Reed Reflection  LEGERE VMM

$200.00 - 16"x20"   framed print

Islands of Fallen Leaves

Sunset stroll around the lagoon, Harrison Hot Springs

Sunset swan, Cheam Wetlands, Popkum, BC

Swan, caught in the moment of clapping her wings together, Cheam Wetlands, Poplum, BC

I go to nature to be soothed and healed, Cheam Wetlands, Popkum, BC

An illustration of contrasts between the hand of man and the gentle beauty of nature.


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